Early Reviews of Google+

Early Reviews of Google+ July 10, 2011

After days of whining on Twitter, Google finally let me in to their latest innovation, Google+.  As a self-appointed “social media guru,” it was a bit embarrassing that it took so long, but oh well.

Having now used Google+ for two full hours, I can say that I like what I see. (Full Disclosure: I lovedlovedloved the ill-fated Google Wave, and I never liked Google Buzz, Google’s previous attempts to compete in the Twitter/Facebook arena).  The Google+ interface is beautiful — the drag-and-drop function for circles, for instance, is far superior to Facebook’s cumbersome friend lists.

Google+ seems a bit more professional than Facebook — more like LinkedIn in that sense.  My profile, for instance, is less about my romantic interests and what TV shows I like, and more about where I’ve worked and what websites have information about me.

On the iPhone, Google+ looks nice, too.  But since I’ve only accessed it through Safari, it’s limited.  Once there’s a Google+ app, I bet it will be much better.

Bruce, who’s been at it a bit longer than me, has a more thorough review:

Big “ups” to those who have been oozing serious social media mojo and are maintaining twitter and facebook interactions all the while diving head first into Google+. If there were social media geek badges to hand out, you would all get one . . . you know who you are and we love you.

I still think that the rise or fall of Google+ will be how other google apps are integrated into the rest of the google+ structure.  There is a rumor that both blogger and picasa are going to be rebranded, so I am hopeful that Google is making some good decisions about app integration.

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  • I am curious to see how, or what, Facebook is planning on doing to keeping their market share. Heard an interview with Rubert Murdoch that the function of apps will cut into Google’s domination of how people find and exchange information.