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Get Cheap Glasses August 9, 2011

I read an column last week by a guy who was venting that his eyeglasses cost more than his HDTV.  Unfortunately, I can’t find the article now, but it was by an economist.  It turns out that most of the eyeglass companies are owned by one huge mega-company.  They control like 80% of the market.  It’s a near-monopoly, and it’s a scam.  Which is why I feel compelled to once again share this link, where I buy glasses for $39:

Plus, save $12 off any purchase from by using code “Twitter”

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  • Ah yes. I know the President of Luxotica, he is a very pious man and great benefactor of very conservative religious organizations…

  • this is great, thanks for sharing Tony!

  • Adrenalin Tim

    I’ve used a couple times now, and wouldn’t go back.

  • Even cheaper here:

  • kjs

    I believe the article was in Fortune. He paid something like $1000 for varifocal specs……i’m sure they are nice……..but you can get them for $100 no probalem at

  • Michael

    I’ve bought 8 pairs of glasses from 39Dollarglasses and I would go no place else!

    The fact that they make their glasses here in the USA and you not only get AMERICAN quality standards but QUICK delivery is why I won’t buy anywhere else.

    It seems that all of the other online eyeglasses companies get their glasses made in China so the quality is sub-par and it takes 3-4 weeks to get them.

    Personally, I’ll stick with an American company that keeps its jobs HERE in the USA!