Theology Is Sexy

Theology Is Sexy August 26, 2011

Travis Reed, impressario of all things video at Work of the People, caught up with Anthony Smith and me (and a brief cameo from Courtney) at the Wild Goose Festival.  As an added bonus, Reverend Vince Anderson can be hear crooning in the background (Travis caught us on our way to hear Vince and Pete Rollins co-conspire.)

The video is below the fold, and there are lots of other great, spontaneous videos from the festival at TWOTP’s Alter Video Magazine.

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  • Your beard is sexy.

  • John

    Theology is not at all sexy.
    Most of it amounts to little more than rearranging the contents of a menu at a restaurant, with all of the dishes consisting of the same few basic ingredients.

    A restaurant only gets interesting when you put the menu away and start eating the food. But what if the food, made from the few basic ingredients is poorly prepared, basically boring, and little more than junk food?

    The only useful purpose of doing theology is to lead you to the Holy Jumping Off Place, where you throw away all of your self-serving words, theology, and beliefs, and thus surrender your “self” to The Living Divine Reality.

    The letter always kills the Living Divine Spirit.

    The world of 2011 is saturated with theology, even groaning under its weight.
    How much theology do you really need?
    Is there anything more that needs to be said or written?

    • Da bomb

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA so i noticed where you get your information on “The Living Divine Reality” by how you capitalize your letters. Even “The Holy Jumping-Off Place” is appropriated from what someone else said. You’re displacing your presumed inferiority on the subject by asserting yourself over someone else. You disrespect the sacrifice that brought you those concepts by using it to reinforce your egoic social position. That creates a ritual lamb/scapegoat situation which keeps you knotted up.

  • BTW, the link “Work of the People” is entered in wrong on your blog.