Kester Brewin Wonders if (More) Opposition Is Coming

Kester Brewin Wonders if (More) Opposition Is Coming September 6, 2011

Kester Brewin has been considering a couple conversations he had at Greenbelt, and he wonders if there’s something in the air.  Namely, will there be an internal backlash in the emerging/-ent/-ence movement to the more radical theology being promoted by Pete Rollins, et al:

One of the things I’ve been wondering is if the theological direction that a few of us have been taking is entering into a period of more acute opposition. I had a long conversation with two people – one a good friend and the other someone I’ve known for some time – and I found both were, a couple of beers down, becoming quite aggressive in their opposition to, in particular, Pete Rollins’ work and the parallel stuff I’ve been writing too.

The general thrust was this: a) it’s been done before in the ‘negative theology’ movements b) it gets people nowhere in mission or social justice c) it’s too complex for the ‘common man’ – and thus cannot be ‘true.’

via Kester Brewin » Into the ‘Year of Opposition’ – The Backlash Begins?.

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