But How Do We Know He Didn’t Pray?

But How Do We Know He Didn’t Pray? September 29, 2011

Facing a lawsuit, teachers at a couple Tennessee high schools joined with students for singing at this week’s See You At The Pole, but according to the Tennessean, they didn’t pray:

Andrew Schmeltzer, an English teacher and assistant baseball coach at Wilson Central High School, sang along to student-led hymns but said he was careful to step aside when prayers began. “As long as I don’t do any leadership with that, that’s fine,” he said.

via Teachers gather, don’t pray | The Tennessean | tennessean.com.

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  • Aaron

    He has every right to pray.

  • Carl

    Agreed, Aaron.

  • Curtis

    I’d be more comfortable with teachers participating in in-school prayer events if I knew they were also free to participate in, say, a Jewish prayer, or a Muslim prayer. Unfortunately, I doubt the general public would rally to the defense of a teacher leading a Muslim prayer in a public school. Until we can be sure that all religions are respected, probably asking teachers to not participate at all is the safer option.

    Of course, silent prayer is always an option for anyone. But we all know that is not what people are talking about when they debate “prayer in schools”.