My 2012 Predictions

My 2012 Predictions December 21, 2011

Every year, I visit the Doug Pagitt Radio Show to give my predictions about the upcoming year in religion.  I did so on Sunday, and here are my 2012 predictions:

5. Billy Graham will cross the River Styx.

4. Minnesota will (be the first state to) defeat the marriage amendment.

3.  The Prebsyterian Church (USA) will split at their general assembly in the summer.

2. Tebowing will take on new prominence when the Broncos win the Super Bowl.

1. Mitt Romney’s nomination will bring anti-Mormon bigotry to a fever pitch.  Evangelicals simply will not vote for a Mormon, ensuring Obama’s reelection.

What are your predictions for 2012?

Here are the segments of the show featuring my predictions:

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