Why Turn to Process Theology? #WhyPray

Why Turn to Process Theology? #WhyPray January 3, 2012


Maybe Alfred North Whitehead was right...

I haven’t.  I’m not (yet) a full embracer of process theology. But, I’m writing a book on prayer, which has me thinking a lot about the interaction of God with creation. That interaction, from any rational perspective, is highly problematic.

On the one hand, I want a God who is Other, with whom I can have a differentiated relationship. There seems to me little reason to pray unless this is the case.

However, a God who is differentiated Other seems, by all empirical evidence, to act in arbitrary ways. One might even say unjust ways. How does our prayer effect that kind of God? That’s the sticky wicket I’m trying to get through.

Process theology has solved that, but in a way that is difficult to jibe with the biblical narrative, and with classical orthodox theologies.

Anyway, I’m just working this through and thought I’d float it out there. Surely this post will give Tripp a little thrill.  If you’re interested, you can learn more about process theology at this year’s Emergent Village Theological Conversation (unfortunately, I can’t attend).

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