A Complementarian Who Thinks Mark Driscoll Is a Misogynist

A Complementarian Who Thinks Mark Driscoll Is a Misogynist January 5, 2012

I won’t be reviewing Mark and Grace Driscoll’s new book.  That’s because I won’t be reading it.  But I’m glad that David Moore of Fuller Seminary’s The Burner Blog did. Dave confesses in his post that he is a complementarian, a position that I find biblically, theologically, and cultural untenable and downright disgusting. Nevertheless, Dave holds it, and he still thinks that the Driscolls’ book is full of misogynistic crap.

Over to you, Dave:

When I received Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship and Life Together by Mark and Grace Driscoll, there was a certain expectation. [The Burner] was expecting something irritating, something provocative and something worthy of the “Crazy Mark Driscoll” pet name I use to refer to the Mars Hill (Seattle) pastor.

I saw it coming, and got blindsided. This book is an astoundingly unbelievable disrespect for women.

I’m not much of a feminist. Men and women are different, generally have different gifts and abilities and both are valuable. In our household, I’m the chief decision-maker because my wife and I agree that is what the New Testament instructs. Plenty of people don’t agree with that, and that’s fine.

But holy cow: My wife is still a person, she still has needs that are at least as important as mine, and I am called to serve her as Christ serves the church. I fail a lot, but if I’m not sacrificing my needs for hers then I’m not doing a very good job. (My lovely wife might tell you that I’m not doing a very good job.)

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