What Votes Do You Regret?

What Votes Do You Regret? January 18, 2012

I regret voting for George W. Bush in 2000

There are a few votes that I’ve cast in my life that I regret — and, no, voting for Jesse “The Body” Ventura to govern my state for four years is not one of them!

I regret voting for the Minnesota Legacy Amendment to the state constitution in 2008. I don’t think that we should legislate via constitutional amendments, nor do I think that taxes should be set by amendment.

I regret voting for Norm Coleman for U.S. Senate in 2002. I was going to vote for Paul Wellstone. But the speeches of Rick Kahn and others at Wellstone’s funeral pissed me off so much that I lodged a protest vote against the Democrats. I flinched, and that was a mistake.

And I regret voting for George W. Bush in 2000. His disastrous response to 9/11 — the invasion of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan — drove our country into moral torpor and economic recession. I think he was a good guy, and ultimately a centrist, but he let himself get pushed around by Cheney and Rumsfeld. He listened to the wrong people.

OK, so what votes do you regret?!?

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