French Court: Scientology Audits Are Bogus

French Court: Scientology Audits Are Bogus February 18, 2012

Scientology is having a hard time in France, that bastion of open-minded

A FRENCH appeals court has upheld fraud charges and a €600,000 fine against the Church of Scientology for cajoling followers into paying large sums for bogus personality tests and cures.

Rejecting the church’s appeal against a 2009 ruling, the court said two French branches of the US-based organisation were guilty of “organised fraud” and gave four of its leaders suspended jail sentences of up to two years.

A French parliamentary committee described Scientology in 1995 as a “dangerous cult”, not a religion, and individual Scientologists had been prosecuted before, but this case marked the first time the organisation as a whole was convicted.

via Court upholds Scientology fraud ruling in France – The Irish Times – Fri, Feb 03, 2012.

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  • Curtis

    France has a long history of using liberal ideology to justify conservative social policies. For example, not allowing Muslim women to wear hair coverings because it interferes with the equality of women. This is more of the same. In a way, the U.S., although it tends to be more socially conservative, has more freedom of religious practice than much of Europe.

    • Elronious

      Right on, for the French.
      I wish America could wake-up and smell the Kool-Aid!

  • nohopewhatsoever

    I went to a Scientology meeting when I was young and I was actually intrigued by what they said. I E a way of helping people. I get the idea such concepts are beneath contempt as a true follower of Jesus should never need, anything especially forgiveness if there is a vile sin this has got to be the worst of the worst. And that is on a good day. OK I get that, trust me I get it. I have always consider the “Good news” people rant on about well its poison, pure poison. A true follower of Jesus would never need such. You know from the cheap seats and on my soul, which is not worth very much, another gift given me as an american evangelical. I dont get it maybe some of you could explain it?

    • ME


      I’ll explain it the best I can. Jesus is God, he created everything, and he was a human walking around a couple thousand years ago. The good news is Jesus is coming for you. This God, who created you and everything else, will stoop down to you, he’ll get nailed up on a cross for you, he’ll forgive you, all so you can be with him. This is the God who told the prostitute he did not condemn her. The God who comes running to the prodigal son. The God who searches for the lost sheep, the lost coin. The God, who in Jesus, hung out with a bunch of fools and outcasts. The God who actively works and lives in this world, right now. To me, a backsliding rascal, it’s very good news indeed.

  • Scientology is not religion. I don’t know what it is, but it is not religion. But you can bet this ruling has implications for all religions everywhere.

  • Debbie

    Any country that doesn’t ban that evil cult of psychopaths and its zillion front ops is corrupted. Bravo France!