Jamie Is the Very Worst Missionary

Jamie Is the Very Worst Missionary March 29, 2012

I have a new blog for you to read. Jamie, who believes that she is the very worst missionary, is also a helluva funny writer. She and her brood live in Costa Rica, from whence she sends hilarious missives via the tubes. One, excerpted below, is about a group of American teens she ran across who were missionizing on her turf. They were giving out free hugs. For Jesus. Hilarity ensues.

Read her, follow her, like her:

As we moved through the crowded promenade, we could see these Gringos were were out in force, carrying signs (many in English) that said “Free hugs” and “Jesus loves You” and a couple of references to 1Corinthians, the love chapter.

Eventually, one of them found her way over to where we were sitting to offer a Jesus hug. Being a non-toucher, in general, I quickly declined. “No, thank you. I’m….I’m good.” And when my sweet, affection-loving friend finally relented to the poor girl’s persistent (insistent?) offer to give her a hug from Jesus, I knew immediately that I had made the right decision. That chick had my poor friend wrapped up like a cage-fighter when I saw how bad she was pitting-out. We’re talking pit-stains the size of Rhode Island…. For real. Want a hug? And possibly a communicable disease?…*Shudder*

By the way, Jesus loves you!

via Jamie the Very Worst Missionary: Hugs for Jesus..

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  • Been reading Jamie for some time now and she’s really made me rethink short-term missions. Good stuff. Funny stuff.

  • First I’ve heard of that blog.
    Chaplain Mike hosted an interesting discussion of short term missions (what Robert Priest has called “the first mission movement in church history that is based largely on the needs of the missionary”) at the internetmonk blog here: