Holding Hands Is a Gateway to Sex in Tennessee

Holding Hands Is a Gateway to Sex in Tennessee April 20, 2012

The Tennessee Legislature has update their abstinence-only education bill. Public school teachers will now warn students that holding hands and kissing are gateways to sexual activity.

MEMPHIS, TN – (WMC-TV) – Tennessee senators approved an update to the state’s abstinence-based sex education law that includes warnings against “gateway sexual activity.”

In a new family life instructions bill, holding hands and kissing could be considered gateways to sex.  Planned Parenthood said that allowing state government to define local sex education curriculum could backfire.

via Bill would define holding hands, kissing as “gateway sexual acti – Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee.

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  • Mike W

    It’s a sign of the end times. Why, I’ve even seen young people holding hands in public.

  • Aaron

    HAHAHAHA! Planned Parenthood is against it and yet weren’t they for government intervention with condoms and sex education!? Quite the irony now!!!

  • Vickie

    Aaron, you make zero sense. What do you think Planned Parenthood should be “for”? Complete silence and inaction as unwanted babies pop out of teens?

  • Andrew

    Dear Tennessee State Legislature,

    Thanks for the sex tips! But I’ve been holding my spouse’s hand a lot the past few days with pretty pathetic results. Still not getting any. Am I doing it wrong?

    • Chris

      You are. That’s not her hand.

  • Rusty

    So glad they passed this law. Don’t know what we would do without legislators working diligently to protect us.

  • Jon Altman

    Do you know why Baptists don’t have sex standing up? It could lead to dancing.

  • Curtis

    Having just read the bill, it seems “gateway sexual activity” is being used as a euphemism for oral sex. But instead of just calling it oral sex, the authors defines gateway sexual behavior to be any “non-coital sexual behavior”. Critics of the bill are having fun with the vagueness of the language, which is where the handholding notion comes form. I used to have fun with my girlfriend is high school by making faces at her from across the room. I guess that could be considered non-coital sexual behavior too — I was certainly having sexual thoughts, and it was certainly non-coital!

    It makes me wonder, if any non-coital sexual behavior is banned, and certainly coital sexual behavior is banned, how will they ever know if their children are straight or gay? I would think they would be concerned about knowing that.

    Of course this is all ridiculous. I’ve always felt that the kids at highest risk for unhealthy sexual behavior were the ones who were emotionally neglected at home. Why, when the talk about sex education, we only talk about coitus, contraceptives, and drugs, but never seem to address a student’s emotional health? I think instilling emotional health in all kids would be the single best way to promote healthy sexuality in young adults.

  • jay

    “Thanks for the sex tips! But I’ve been holding my spouse’s hand a lot the past few days with pretty pathetic results. Still not getting any. Am I doing it wrong?”

    Andrew, that was great, you made my day.

  • Just when I thought I couldn’t be more ashamed of my state…

  • ME

    The Tennessee legislature are being idiots but I’m not sure their hearts aren’t in the wrong place. There is a problem with sex in our culture, while not effective or principled, I won’t fault Tennessee for trying to change things a little.

    • Frank

      Yes it makes no sense to make fun of people trying to do the right thing. I wonder what Tonys solution would be? Tony you are good at criticizing but do you have any solutions of your own to offer?

      • Evelyn

        Frank, I’m getting a little tired of defending Tony but I really think you need to read his post (at the top of this page) one more time. There is nothing in his post that is critical of the Tennessee legislature. It is a purely objective reporting of something he found in the news. If you read it as being “critical” then that is a quality that you are projecting on to the post – it’s coming from you. There is nothing critical about what Tony has written.

        • Frank

          Evelyn come on! You don’t post something like that without an agenda. Just look at what Tony posts and does not post about.

          • Sundown

            Frank, it almost sounds as if you’re supportive of this idea that holding hands causes sexual activity. Could you clarify?

          • Frank

            My issue is that at least they are trying to combat a major problem. Those making fun of them what is YOUR solution? A simple, question that in no way suggests that I believe that holding hands leads to sexual activity.

    • kenneth

      They’re changing things for the worse. Abstinence-only education had increased teen pregnancies everywhere it’s been done.

  • Jonathan

    I don’t quite understand what the derision here is for. Sure, they idea of a schoolmarm sternly warning against hand-holding is amusing, and the idea of the Tennessee legislature even more so. But do we really think that minor romantic contact doesn’t increase desire for more serious sexual contact? Is it better to lie to the kids, and pretend like kissing and hand-holding are totally satisfying, and they won’t want more? What’s the problem with encouraging caution and self-control here?

    Unless, like Planned Parenthood, you guys have all suddenly turned libertarian, and are concerned about the state interfering in local educational affairs. In that case I’m sure you all support eliminating the federal Department of Education, right? Right? Anyone?

    • Elde

      I have NEVER EVER heard anyone refer to Planned Parenthood as Libertarian! That’s … really cool!

      • Jonathan

        Well, their concern (according to the video) here seems to be that the State is taking over functions proper to the local authorities. Naturally, they have equal concerns about federal healthcare reform, and other federal overreaches. I’m just assuming, of course. But I have no doubt that this is a principled stand. Right guys?

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  • pagansister

    Jeeze! I thought everyone knew that—that’s why I never held hands until I married! :o)

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