Update on Progressive Theo-Blogger Challenge #progGOD

Update on Progressive Theo-Blogger Challenge #progGOD August 13, 2012

Last week, I challenged Progressive Theo-Bloggers to say something substantive about God. I then clarified what I hoped for. Thus far, I’ve been very heartened by the response. I’ve already got 30 posts queued up, and the challenge goes through this Friday (so there’s still time for you to join in!). Patheos will be building a landing page where, next week, we will post links to all of the contribution. (So, there’s some further incentive: If you want a permanent in-bound link from the biggest religion website on the internets, submit something!)

There’s been great commentary on both of the above posts. And a two thoughts that I want to respond to.

1) I’m not saying that God must always be talked about without Jesus. I’m just saying that now, for this challenge, you’ve got to talk about God without falling back on Jesus. It’s all too easy for Christians — both liberal and conservative — to default to Jesus-talk. While there’s nothing wrong with that, I think we also need to work our God-talk muscle, without reverting to Jesus-talk.

2) Yes, evangelicals are listening. Some have left comments basically saying, “It doesn’t matter what we say. Evangelicals won’t listen to us talk about God anyway.” That is patently untrue. Many evangelicals read this blog, and they may read yours, too. They’re listening intently, because they don’t think we’re very good at talking about God. And I can promise you that there are lots of younger Christians who were reared in evangelicalism who are looking for good, credible ways out of conservative culture in which they find themselves.

Please keep the posts coming. You can tweet them under #progGOD, and you can also leave them in the comments on the original post and/or email them to me.

Remember, you don’t have to say everything about God. You’ve just got to say one thing about God.

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