Why Do I Not Experience God? [Questions That Haunt]

Why Do I Not Experience God? [Questions That Haunt] September 25, 2012

A little different tack in this week’s Questions That Haunt Christianity. Rather than a theological or historical question, Andrew submits an existential/spiritual question:

Tony, related to your upcoming book, the question that haunts me the most is this: Why do I not experience God like I have been taught I should? Why don’t I hear his “voice?” I think this may be more personal than theological, but it consistently haunts me that I am unable to tap into the gnosis I was told to (evangelical gnosis as you recently pointed out). I suppose the question could better be stated: If Christianity is for real, why am I not able to have experiences of God?

I will attempt to answer Andrew’s question on Friday. In the meantime, you can proffer your answer in the comment section. And you can submit your own question to the series here.

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