What If We’re Wrong about Christianity? [Questions That Haunt]

What If We’re Wrong about Christianity? [Questions That Haunt] October 16, 2012

This week’s entry in Questions That Haunt Christianity comes from an old friend. Bill Dahl has been hanging around the emerging church conversation for years (when he’s not hiking, fishing, and playing with his grandkids). He wrote The Porpoise Diving Life, and he writes this intriguing question for us:

What if we’re wrong? What if God turns out to be multi-faceted — one head that has many faces, including the faces of The Buddha, Mohammed, Moses and Jesus, as well as others? What if it turns out that God has revealed his/her essence throughout history in many forms and ways, to various cultures and civilizations, and that the various claims to absolute truth are revealed to be human constructions designed to serve as the basis of power structures in human civilization? What if religions are human constructs, not reflections of the face, heart, feet and hands of God?

This question about Christian exclusivity — or distinctiveness — is tricky for progressive Christians. So please take your crack at it in the comment section below. And submit your own question for a future edition!

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