Pastor Mark Reviews Rachel Held Evans

Pastor Mark Reviews Rachel Held Evans November 16, 2012

Well, I assume that this Tumblr is from Mark Driscoll, because it’s titled “the real @pastormark”:

So, Rachel – a woman, mind you – wrote that book. And, I’m guessing that she didn’t get her pastor or husband’s permission to do so. I just can’t bring myself to keep reading it – I mean, would I actually read a book written by a gay person? I don’t understand why she can’t just let the warriors like Behe and Keller duke it out, and spend her time enjoying wearing dresses, cooking food and pleasing her husband? Some women are so unappreciative of what we are willing to sacrifice for them.

I guess this new book – I refuse to blaspheme the holy phrase by mentioning the name of the book – was written to try to show how ridiculous it is to actually take the Bible seriously. Well, when you’re more committed to Sola Cultura than you are to Sola Scriptura, you’re just going to be wrong. If Rachel had actually read the same Bible that I read every day – and highlight and write lots of notes in – then she would have come to the same conclusions that I have. Obviously. Only an idiot would disagree. Or a woman.

Read the rest here: the real @pastormark.

PS: my response to this week’s Question That Haunts will be delayed till tomorrow because 1) I’m at the National Youth Workers Convention, and 2) I’m still reading through the 150(!!!) comments.

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  • ryanjpugh

    Did you read the disclaimer at the bottom of the post?

  • ryanjpugh

    You aren’t serious about assuming that this is real, are you? Did you read the disclaimer at the bottom of the post?

  • julia

    how sad it is that for a second I actually thought this was a REAL review cause it’s not that far off from things we hear form Mark! Haah!

  • Yes Ryan, he knows it’s a joke. I think Tony’s oh so droll wit may have caught you off guard. 😉

  • Evelyn

    The Tumblr post is an example of defiance done well and shows disrespect where disrespect is due.

  • Tom

    Well, at least you know “Mark” is thinking about you Tony 🙂

  • toddh

    That was really, really good! Looking forward to more reviews and such from the real @pastormark.

  • Eric

    Tony, Tony, Tony

  • Nah, there’s a note at the bottom saying it’s a satire.

    I wonder if one day Mark will go nuts and outright say “Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks!”

  • Vicki