Church of England Decides that Silly Clothes Aren’t the Only Thing They Want To Keep from the 16th Century

Church of England Decides that Silly Clothes Aren’t the Only Thing They Want To Keep from the 16th Century November 21, 2012
According to the Church of England, Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori doesn’t exist.

The Church of England has decided to continue an archaic and oppressive policy that only individuals with penises are allowed to be bishops:

Church of England Rejects Appointing Female Bishops

LONDON — The mood of crisis in the Church of England deepened on Wednesday when bishops scheduled an emergency meeting to discuss the repercussions of the ballot at a synod a day earlier that rejected the appointment of female bishops, a change that has been debated intensely and often bitterly for the past decade.

More than 70 percent of the 446 synod votes on Tuesday were in favor of opening the church’s episcopacy to women. But the synod’s voting procedures require two-thirds majorities in each of its three “houses”: bishops, clergy and laity. Although the bishops and clergy met that test, the vote of lay members was a wafer-thin six short of a two-thirds majority.

Since the English church split with Rome under Henry VIII nearly 500 years ago, only men have served as bishops, and the outcome of the two-day synod was seen by both sides as a watershed in the wider struggle over the Church of England’s future. It pitted reformers eager to open the way for women as bishops against traditionalists, including evangelicals and so-called Anglo-Catholics, who argued that the teachings of Jesus, and the fact that the Twelve Apostles were all men, provided no biblical basis for women serving in the church’s top hierarchy.

Let me make a super-bold prediction: young people will continue to drop out of church life as a result of this archaic and discriminatory decision.

Here’s Andrew Brown:

I think I have just watched the Church of England commit suicide. It was a very long and very boring process. But at the end of nine hours’ rehearsal of stale arguments made in bad faith the General Synod took a decisive turn into fantasy, or stumbled over its own rules, and failed, by a very small margin, to gain the complicated majorities required to make women bishops.

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