#progGOD Challenge: Why an Incarnation?

#progGOD Challenge: Why an Incarnation? November 28, 2012

Scores of theobloggers responded to the first #progGOD Challenge over the summer, in which I asked Progressive Christian bloggers to say something substantive about God.

It’s time for us to attack a new topic, just in time for Advent:

Why an Incarnation?

Last time I took some heat for (at first) banning poetry. I stand corrected. Of course poetry is an entirely appropriate way to express the theological truth of God’s incarnation in Christ. However, here’s a warning: it’s very easy to proclaim the beauty of the incarnation (witness the plethora of Advent and Christmas hymns).

Instead, I’m most interested in what the Incarnation tells us about God, human beings, creation, the Cosmos, the End Times, Heaven, Hell, salvation, or anything else…from a Progressive Christian perspective.

How it works is you write a post on your blog/Tumblr/Facebook or anywhere. Submit it in the comment section of this post, and please tweet it with the hashtag #progGOD. I will curate, and Deb and the Patheos team will assemble the responses into a page here on Patheos.

And I bet a lot of preachers will mine our submissions as they prepare their Christmas Eve sermons!

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