A Parable (That Really Happened)

A Parable (That Really Happened) December 22, 2012

One day, a youth pastor was summoned to the senior pastor’s office, and he was asked to bring along the junior high director. There they met with a married couple who had grievances against the youth workers. The parents complained bitterly that their two teenage sons were not being ministered to adequately, that the youth pastors had not shown them enough attention, and that their sons had not made friends in the youth group.

The youth pastor and junior high pastor sat quietly and listened, as they had been directed to.

The married couple went on to make other complaints against the church: they had not received timely pastoral care, and the man had not been given the promised solo during the Christmas Day liturgy.

Finally, the senior pastor spoke. “I have heard the cry of your hearts,” he said, “And it seems to me that you are asking to be released from the covenant of membership at this church. I hereby release you.”

“No!” the couple cried, “We want redress! Fire the choir director! Punish the youth pastors!”

“You are hereby released from the covenant of membership at this church,” the pastor replied.

“That’s not what we want! Satisfy our anger!” the couple demanded.

“I release you from our covenant of membership. May the Lord bless your journey.”

With that, the pastor opened the door, and the couple departed, never to be seen again.

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