There Once Was a Theological Limerick…

There Once Was a Theological Limerick… January 4, 2013

The limericks about theologians that were proffered a couple weeks back were nothing short of AMAZING! Below are the three winners of the Theologian Trading Cards, with signed copies. But there’s a consolation prize, too, so read on…

The signed NT Wright card goes to Dave Burkum, with:

The Kingdom’s begun, Jesus stated,
And Tom Wright says we should celebrate it
As we work and we pray
Toward the Full Kingdom Day–
Eschatology inaugurated!

The Kevin Vanhoozer card goes to Dan Wilkinson:

To Schüssler Fiorenza women are indebted.
Before her they were largely uncredited.
She thoughtfully shared
And with boldness declared
A feminist theology intrepid!

And the The Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza card goes to Cow Gaels, who turned in so many awesome limericks that it’s hard to choose just one:

Said Wesley to Whitehead, “Enough
of this predestinational stuff!
Though you cry, ‘inconvenient!’
God’s grace is prevenient.
As I strive, I am calling your bluff.”

There are so many other good ones that I implore you to go back to the post and read them. By far our best limerick context yet. Thanks so much to all who contributed.

If you submitted a limerick but didn’t win, you’re not going away empty-handed. You get a copy of  Holy Nomad: The Rugged Road to Joy— just fill out the form here, and a book will be shipped out to you!

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