Who Should Replace Giglio?

Who Should Replace Giglio? January 11, 2013
If POTUS has called me, I don’t know it. I dropped my iPhone.

Two lists have surfaced — there are probably more. Salon has one (that includes Your Favorite Blogger):

Brian McLaren: In the post-evangelical, non-denominational “emerging church” movement, McLaren has distinguished himself for promoting the idea of what he calls a New Kind of Christian (also the title of his 2001 book). Time magazine named him one of the 25 most influential evangelicals in 2005, a year when conservative evangelicals were ascendant after helping George W. Bush secure a second term.

Rabbi David Saperstein: Newsweek dubbed him one of the most influential rabbis in the country and the Washington Post called him a “quintessential religious lobbyist on Capitol Hill.” Rabbi Saperstein, who represents the Reform Jewish Movement in Washington, has worked to combat hate crimes and discrimination, in addition to pushing a host of other progressive causes in Congress. He’s even had a trial run, delivering the invocation at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

Welton Gaddy:Gaddy, a Baptist minister from Louisiana, has worked to bridge different faiths as president of the Interfaith Alliance. He also hosts the State of Belief radio program and does frequent media appearances, making him one of the most visible progressive faith leaders around.

Tony Jones: To appeal to the hip young set that elected him, Obama could pick Tony Jones, the youthful and intellectual theologian who looks more like the frontman of an indie rock band than a man of the cloth. A pioneer of the Postmodern Christianity movement, Jones is one of the most innovative progressive Christian thinkers out there.

And GLAAD posted one including a couple dear friends:

Jay Bakker has been ministering to young adults and those on the margins after growing up the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. His church and all his writing place a heavy emphasis on grace. He is theologically quite conservative, even while being outspoken in his advocacy for inclusiveness of all people.

Jacqui Lewis is Senior Minister of Middle Church and Executive Director of The Middle Project, a not for profit institute that trains progressive ethical leaders for a just society.

Andrew Marin learned from his own anti-gay history to become a better ally. He now runs a ministry to build bridges between the evangelical and LGBT community.

 Who do you think should pray at the inauguration?

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  • I don’t know about you giving the benediction at the inauguration, but can I be in your indie rock band?

  • Phil Miller

    Does having a beard and wearing glasses make you look like the lead singer in an indie rock band now? It’s now official. Rock is dead.

  • Keith Rowley

    Would you do it, given your stated stance that pastors should not act as agents of the state?

  • Brian

    I tempted to go with you or Brian, but given this list and the reason they need to find a new person, I’d vote for Andrew Marin.

  • Minneapolis

    Yvette Flunder. Needs to be a minority female.

  • Craig

    Moments in which prayer is socially expected are awkward for a lot of people. I’d like everyone to come up with a nice non-sectarian alternative that doesn’t require drinking, a weird moment of silence, etc. Failing that, we should at least let the praying folks have their turn at feeling awkward. For that we could maybe just raise mugs of beer and give a warm-hearted and poetically-crafted toast to our common humanity and to the progress we’ve made and hope to yet make.

  • Kenton

    I tell you what – If you or Brian give the prayer, I’ll actually watch the inauguration.

  • Josh

    How about Walter Brueggemann? I mean, have you read the kinds of prayers he writes?

  • Cathy

    I’d vote for you Tony, just tell me where to send the write-in ballot.

  • Nadia Bolz-Weber

    And I hope she would end it with….You F*cking Rock!

    • Brantley

      No one should give it–the practice to be abolished along with its civil religion framework.

  • Carl

    Why pray?

  • I usually like prayers at a state occasions. The secular state provides just enough pressure on the clergy person to squeeze out the objectionable, non-essential doctrines. Some might say the prayers are watered down, but I say they get purified.

  • revsharkie

    Brian McLaren was the first one that came to my mind. But Jay Bakker would be an interesting choice.

    Actually, I would like to see someone from a faith other than Christianity do it, as a nod to our increasing diversity. But I know that some members of the evangelical community would come thoroughly unglued.

    • Craig

      In becoming thoroughly unglued, what more do you think they would do? Would it be entertaining?

      • revsharkie

        It’s be VERY entertaining when it is talked about on Rachel Maddow’s show…

  • T. Webb

    As long it’s not an evangelical like Giglio, I’m fine with it.

    • Phil Miller

      Very tolerant of you…

      • Rich

        Yep… the tolerance police is fine with you as long as you agree with them.

  • JR

    Gabriel Salguero may be a replacement, as well.

  • T.S.Gay

    No disrespect to Tony. Most of the time they pick an older black man to be the replacement, and usually from the Bible belt. It the safest way to go, although you can tell Barack Obama’s progressiveness in his initial choices. In keeping with the ethos of previous replacements, in the hope that the choice would perk up the ears of our North American audience( sort of how Cissy Houston took this country to church at her daughters funeral)…..I pick Cheryl Bridges Johns.

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  • Awesome since I just wrote a piece on “Why We Need Andrew Marin”


    Question: Has a woman ever prayed at the inauguration? Because the people that come first to mind for me are Phyllis Tickle, Rachel Held Evans, and Nadia Bolz-Weber.

    and some others: Shane Claiborne, Jim Wallis or Greg Boyd.

    Also Gene Robinson. He deserves a shot this time around. Last time he got shoved off to some corner of the ceremony. I felt bad.

  • Rich

    Somebody who doesn’t toe the party line on homosexuality… just to prove that the Left is still as tolerant as they claim to be. That would be impressive. But I’m not holding my breath.

    • Curtis

      Maybe someone in favor of slavery would be a good way for the Left to show their tolerance as well.

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  • What is an invocation for?

    • Curtis

      An invocation is done at the beginning of an event, to invite or ask for God’s presence at the proceedings. Giglio was invited to give the benediction, not the invocation. A benediction is done at the end of an event, to ask for God’s blessing and guidance after the proceedings are over.

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