Andrew Marin Caught Up in Gigliogate

Andrew Marin Caught Up in Gigliogate January 17, 2013

Andrew Marin was disinvited from the United Nations this morning:

I genuinely believe the UN just freaked out, not wanting the firestorm that happened against the White House to happen to them. Because if it did, their important message against the criminalization of homosexuality would be overshadowed by unnecessary drama. I get that, and even agree with it. I wish, however, they would have handled the invitation repeal in a more personal fashion. But such is life…

This morning I got an email, not a phone call or anything else, saying,

Hi Andrew,

Hope you are well.

Apparently some concerns have emerged and I have been asked by the committee to rescind the invitation to be on the panel for the event. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

That is it. They didn’t tell me what concerns were raised. Who was raising the concerns. Or they didn’t give me an opportunity to respond to said concerns. My guess, they could have been receiving heat from either of the activist conservative or LGBT worlds. Who knows when it comes to me? Both are a viable, accurate guesses. In light of this, if it is the conservative activist world, see here. If it is the LGBT activist world, see here. As I have shown countless times, if anyone has questions, just ask. I’ll always go on the record and respond to anything because I’m not trying to hide from anything or anyone.

Read the rest: I Just Got Uninvited from Speaking at the United Nations.

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