A Global Emergent Movement…

A Global Emergent Movement… February 6, 2013

After a couple years of planning, Mesa is launching this fall. From 2013-2017, there will be global gatherings of emergent leaders to meet, pray, discuss, and fellowship around the themes of emerging Christianity. The first gathering is in Bangkok in October. Here’s the intro to the collective:

Several parallel conversations, networks, and movements have been emerging among committed Christians over the last century – in Africa and Latin America, in Asia and Europe, in the Pacific Islands and the Americas. These movements were characterized by a commitment to “integral mission” – integrating personal spirituality with social justice and compassion, based on a holistic understanding of Jesus’ core message. In recent years, these groups have begun connecting with one another more and more, and Mesa seeks to help their emerging ethos to deepen, spread, and move forward.

Find out more and add your name to the list: Mesa.

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