Why a Crucifixion? A #progGOD Challenge (with Prizes!!!)

Why a Crucifixion? A #progGOD Challenge (with Prizes!!!) February 13, 2013

I conceived of the #progGOD challenges at Patheos because 1) I think that progressives have a better version of the gospel than conservatives, and 2) I think progressives often struggle to speak forthrightly about God. We get caught up in prolegomena and methodology and qualifying every statement about God or Jesus or the Bible ten ways before we say anything. And by the time we say something, no one’s listening anymore.

Thus far, there have been two #progGOD Challenges:

Who Is God?

Why an Incarnation?

Those two generated dozens of thoughtful responses. And now it’s time for a third:

Why a Crucifixion?

This is a question that, literally, lies at the very center of Christianity. I’ve even written a short ebook about it (which is free today only), and I’m planning to blow that up into a full-length book. It’s a crucial question, and one that becomes more difficult when we move away from the penal substitutionary understanding of the atonement.

So, throughout Lent we’re going to be collecting responses to the question Why a Crucifixion? Share your answer by linking in the comment section below, tweet with the hashtag #progGOD, and email the link to progressivechristian@patheos.com.

As a bonus this time, I’m going to send a collection of 10 books to the post that gets the most shares and likes. So have at it, and be sure and share your post far and wide. I’ll be giving weekly updates with some of the best posts I read.

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