It’s Time for You and Jay Bakker to Get Together

It’s Time for You and Jay Bakker to Get Together February 14, 2013

Jay Bakker has become one of my dearest friends. He’s a wonderful human being, and his theology is also excellent. That’s why you should pick up his latest book, Faith, Doubt, and Other Lines I’ve Crossed: Walking with the Unknown God. This is what Publisher’s Weekly says about it:

Bakker calls his latest book “a chronicle of my doubt.” The son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, televangelists tainted by scandal in the 1980s, Bakker outlines his struggles with his childhood faith and offers a vision of Christianity based on unconditional love, radical forgiveness, and full embrace of the Other. The pastor of a church that meets in a bar, Bakker has a special place in his heart for the GLBTQ community and offers a spirited biblical defense for the acceptance of sexual difference.

He expresses a faith that encourages questions and emphasizes relationships rather than rules. Bakker writes in a simple, down-to-earth style as he counters the focus on exceptionalism, exclusion, sin, and guilt that dominate some forms of evangelical Christianity. Like fellow evangelical Rob Bell, Bakker doesn’t believe in a God who would consign people to hell for all eternity. Love trumps justice; participating in community trumps official church membership; compassion trumps dogma. His book should appeal to seekers, youth, and all who are searching for a loving and forgiving Christianity. (Feb. 12.)

Like I said, pick it up!

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  • Cricket…

    • I think the commenting hiccups over the last couple days have interrupted the flow a bit. I’m sure it will pick up again before too long.

      Related to Jay Bakker, I see there is some sort of a documentary about him out called “One punk under God”, made in 2007. Does anyone know if that is appropriate for teens to view? I’ll try to get ahold of it and watch it myself to decide.

      • Oh, well, now I see I asked Jay Bakker a question about Jay Bakker! How about that? Anyway, I’d like to hear your thoughts about that film, and using it with teens. Thanks!

        • It was actually a 6-episode documentary series on the Sundance channel. I have not seen it, but it is like 7 years old – not sure how different Jay’s approach to things would be compared to back then.

  • cricket.

  • So how about those mets…

  • At a conference in Raleigh, I sat near the platform where Jay Bakker, after movingly expressing his deep love for Christian scripture, said something like, “but if there’s something in here that’s going to hurt a human being? F it!” And he tossed it to the floor over his shoulder like a piece of trash. It was a performative move that was powerful and made a mark on me, for which I’m still grateful.

    I was sitting near enough that I had a clear and unobstructed view of him when he stooped down to pick his bible back up. His deep sigh, and sweaty face, gave the impression of genuine pain, which I took to be in response to the emotional difficulty of doing such a thing, as well as for its necessity.

    Since that moment I’ve determined to read every book he writes.

  • Todd

    Tony and Jay,

    Just wondering how you two can call one another’s theology great when it seems to me that both of you have replaced scripture/sound doctrine with a theology of your own creation. What basis do you have for throwing out the clear teaching of Romans 1 or 1 Corinthians 5 and many other scripture passages that warn us all about sin. Good theology must include the fact that we are all sinners that are in need of repentance and the forgiveness of sins in Jesus name. How can you call yourselves Christian when you throw out large portions of scripture and replace it with the creation of your own sinful hearts.