Can I Love God More than Anything? [Questions That Haunt]

Can I Love God More than Anything? [Questions That Haunt] March 5, 2013

This week’s question comes from frequent commenter AJG. He asks:

I’m a recovering evangelical who is probably somewhere on the spectrum between atheism and Christian Agnosticism these days. One of the things we were always taught in church was that we should love God more than anything or anyone else in our lives.

Now this always struck me as an impossibility because how does one go about loving something that one cannot see, hear, touch or interact with? It sounds more like loving an idea instead of loving a real person. What does it even mean to love an idea like God more than loving one’s spouse or children who are ever present in our own lives? My question boils down to the following: What does it mean to love God more than anyone else and is this even a possibility?

I’m on vacation, so the good news is that this question will be answered on Friday by Richard Beck, one of the kick-assingest  theobloggers and authors on the planet! But before that, let’s hear what you think!

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