Salvation Aside, Why Believe in God? [Questions That Haunt]

Salvation Aside, Why Believe in God? [Questions That Haunt] May 7, 2013

Now this is a Question That Haunts:

If we take the salvation/eternity issue out of the discussion, what advantage is there to believing in God? Ideals like joy, peace, justice, love, beauty, and even community can be experienced, practiced, and enjoyed by atheists and Christians alike; these are universal ideals, and one does not have to believe in God to be happy or feel at peace. I’ve met many atheists who are MUCH more joyful, loving, compassionate, and appreciative of beauty than Christians. So, going beyond the evolutionary reasons for religion, if we’re taking salvation out of the equation, why should someone be a Christian?

You respond in the comments. I’ll respond on Friday.

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