Help Brian McLaren

Help Brian McLaren May 25, 2013

From Brian’s blog this week:

Readers of my books and blog know that I am a movement person.

On this blog, in my speaking, and in my books I get behind a wide array of organizations, causes, and projects that I sense are moving in the same general direction. My great sense of calling has been, and continues to be, to contribute to a broad-based movement that embodies a Christ-like ethos and leads to Christ-like action for the good of the world.

Grace and I recently decided to make a significant financial investment in building some behind-the-scenes support structures for this movement to take its next steps. I think the time is ripe.I’m looking for some people to join in this initiative.

…If you are open to explore this further (no pressure or obligation, of course), I hope you’ll contact me at this email address:

via A Request for Help – Brian McLaren.

I, too, am involved in this initiative, and I hope that many of you will also consider involvement.

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