Gay Students, Gay Professors, and the Christian Colleges Who Love Them

Gay Students, Gay Professors, and the Christian Colleges Who Love Them July 9, 2013

The anonymous gay professor at a Christian college continues to speak out, this time about how Christian colleges will happily accept tuition and contributions from GLBT persons, but not their academic contributions:

This month, the Christian Reformed Church synod, with which Calvin College is associated, voted 154-24 not to reconsider its official position which states “that homosexual orientation is a ‘condition of disordered sexuality that reflects the brokenness of our sinful world.’” The synod did vote 135-43 to create a committee to consider certain questions in light of the legalization of same sex marriage in the U.S. and Canada:

“[whether] CRC church buildings can host gay marriage ceremonies; [whether] CRC pastors can preside over gay marriages; [whether] CRC members are bound to opposing the legalization of gay marriage; [whether] CRC parents can participate in a child’s gay marriage.”…

President Le Roy says his heart breaks, knowing how his view makes people feel, but his view breaks my heart.

I am not ‘out’ where I teach; although I was not required to sign any document about my sexuality, it is not safe for me to be open. Am I the sole gay faculty at a Christian college? No, I am not. There are others. Someday, given the movement in the wider culture on LGBT issues, I think some Christian colleges will change and will welcome openly LGBT faculty, but for now, Christian colleges and Boy Scouts are running neck and neck in the race to avoid change.

Read the rest Christian Colleges, Gay Faculty—and the Boy Scouts | Sexuality/Gender | Religion Dispatches.

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  • Sven2547

    [whether] CRC parents can participate in a child’s gay marriage.

    Monstrous, truly monstrous, that anyone should ever be forced to choose between their job and attending their own child’s marriage.

  • Many (most?) Christian leaders and institutions allow their dogma to trump people’s wellbeing. It’s truly appalling! It’s also against all that their Jesus taught.

  • Ryan Hite

    Don’t focus on the dogma. Focus on what Jesus taught, the important things.