Destroying America: Muslims, Communists…and Me!

Destroying America: Muslims, Communists…and Me! August 27, 2013

So, it seems I — and all of you who are part of the emergence of Christianity — are bent on destroying America. So are Communists and Muslims. So says Art Ally, in his forthcoming seminar at the Values Voter Summit:

If that’s too small to read, here’s the text:


  • Speaker: Art Ally, Founder and President, The Timothy Plan
  • Synopsis: This session will equip you to engage in the debate over the war for the soul of America.  We will explore the fundamental foundational problems we have in America and three of the channels the adversary is using to bring America down (Communism, Islam and the Emergent Church movement.)  The first 200 attendees will receive complimentary copies of Curtis Bowers’ award winning DVD Agenda (exposing Communism), Pastor Paul Blair’s comprehensive DVD (on the truth behind Islam) and Roger Oakland’s outstanding book “Faith Undone” (an expose on the Emergent Church movement.)

Religion News Service‘s Sarah Pulliam Bailey dug a little deeper. Here’s what she found:

“Why would Satan use Communism? It’s a godless form of government,” said Ally. “Why would Satan use Islam? Same reason. It’s not a religion. It’s a movement to dominate the world under the guise of religion. The Emergent Church plays right into that by weakening further our church community.

Sarah called me to get a quote, and here’s what I said:

“When I first saw this, I thought it was a headline from The Onion,” Jones said. “Some people say the Emerging Church is dead, other people say the Emerging Church has spread so far it’s just been absorbed into the fabric of the American church, so maybe that’s what frightens these guys.”

But it seems that Ally might be a little confused:

But what Ally considers to be part of the Emergent Church might include a wider definition than what Jones and McLaren would. While hesitant to name names, Ally suggested that megachurch pastors Rick Warren, Bill Hybels and recently retired pastor John Piper could be considered emergent.

“These guys don’t even talk about sin for fear it’s driving away the postmodern generation,” Ally said. “The Emergent Church has watered down biblical Christianity to the point that John the Baptist would have been shocked.”

Many theologians, however, would likely not include Warren, Hybels and Piper in the Emergent camp. Piper, for example, has been critical of the Emergent Church, saying it is “going away from the gospel.”

Sarah’s reporting is top notch, as usual. Be sure to read her whole article.

In the meantime, beware of the Communists, the Muslims, and, of course, the Emergent Church!

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  • Tony Jones and John Piper, two peas in the Emergent Church pod, Lol

  • 2TrakMind

    I think John the Baptist would have been shocked that what he knew as Christianity had become known as “biblical Christianity.” This term would have been completely foreign to John, as “biblianity” wasn’t invented for several years after he died.

  • I don’t know how you do it Tony. Just hearing about these stories frustrates me to the point of insanity. How do you stay sane? Keep up the good fight.

  • Lisa Carson

    still mainly riding on the question of sin and then what we “do”. I think that is much of the god-questions. What is wrong and what do we fix type stuff and who is skirting the issues and who isn’t. I wondered to myself the other day how we seem trapped in a universal question of what is supposed to be the experience of “the strict” and disciplines unto that in human existence. I don’t think our various mad-world-pockets really know, no matter what the label is. Maybe more as – what gets to be beneficially strict, like something to shoot for, create within/among – that simply draws more into it. Otherwise we seem, in the hope or felt aspect of it – like some phantom-limb we have not worked into – create areas of striving and rules, that shift.

  • AJ

    “going away from the gospel.”

    If anything, the emergent church is truer to the gospel than many conservative churches, what with their fixation on Old Testament law-and-fear-based religion.

  • Scot Miller

    Well, if they can’t differentiate between Brian McLaren, Tony Jones, Rick Warren, Bill Hybels,and John Piper, you just KNOW they’re going to get top-notch information to use.

  • kal

    wait… you mean destroying the imperialistic american empire is a bad thing? crud… i need to sit down.


  • Someone missed the memo that the Cold War is over.

  • Simon

    LOL. Of all the pictures of you on the internet, they chose the one with you in mutton chops and a top hat. #journalism?

  • Mich Barry

    The NSA will be reading your emails…………again!

  • Ric Shewell

    I just want to know what the “soul of America” is. Do they mean the NFL? Tony, are you trying to take down the NFL?

  • Nathan


    For their version of America we can only hope it is too late.

  • Andrew Dowling

    I would be very interested in knowing the median age of the Value Voters Summit attendee (minus journalists). It must be at least above 50 if not approaching 60.

    Too late to reclaim “their” America? Yep. I will thoroughly enjoy reading the upcoming articles in recent years illustrating the substantial decline of the once mighty Christian Right.

  • mountainguy

    Maybe Tony Jones and John Piper, despite their BIG differences, have something in common: both regard (US)America as something VERY secondary to Jesus. And if the people at the Values Voter Summit can’t see that their overwhelming nationalism is very different from the Kingdom of God (opposed IMO) then I’ll have to ask how can they redeem (US)America with such a big plank in their eyes.

    If not being blindly loyal to (US)America makes you emergent, then count me in the emergent side by virtue of birthplace.