What’s at Stake in the Resurrection?

What’s at Stake in the Resurrection? October 10, 2013

Let’s continue this conversation, shall we? Marcus Borg asked (and I answered) what’s at stake in the difference of opinion we have about the materiality of Jesus’ resurrection. My first four responses were regarding the church, the Bible, and the people. That made some think I should be moved to Patheos’s evangelical channel (I am listed there, FYI). But let’s go on to list some more ways that the resurrection has implications for Christianity.

Whatever you think (material vs non-material, historical or fictional, physical or spiritual), I’ll start the list, and I hope you’ll add to it in the comments.

– Doctrine of the incarnation: God is deeply involved with human flesh, according to the incarnation. Adoptionist theologies were thrown out of the early church.

– Theology of the body: God does not forsake the human body, even after the death of Jesus.

– Sexual ethics: see above.

– Anti-Gnosticism: Since the very earliest church, there have been those who’ve wanted to spiritualize Christianity. And since the very earliest church, those impulses have been considered contrary to the faith.

OK, your turn.

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