Phyllis Tickle and Nadia Bolz-Weber Switch Bodies!!!

Phyllis Tickle and Nadia Bolz-Weber Switch Bodies!!! January 15, 2014

This photo went viral last week:

Here’s a photo essay by Courtney Perry about how it happened:

All images copyright Courtney Perry. Contact Courtney for reuse permissions.

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  • The one question I have is what was the impetus behind the switch?

    • John Stevens

      If I remember right, they have had this conversation or hope for a while. Seems that Nadia mentioned something in her conversation with Krista Tippet. Kind of two completely different folks, but great friends… etc. I could be mistaken (as happens frequently), but that is what I remember.

    • It was Nadia’s idea, hatched years ago. She’s been waiting for a time that she and Phyllis and Courtney were in the same spot to pull it off.

      The point is, two women who are different in every single way, but very much in the same theological and ecclesial tribe.

  • Jerusalem Greer

    A favorite moment of #C21Denver for sure. This is why y’all are my people.

  • Phyllis got the better deal!

  • Patrica


  • Heather Haginduff

    Nadia would never slouch, Phyllis. So funny.

  • Rebecca Erwin

    So beautiful.

  • Kim

    The joy in this is just SO infectious!

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