Nadia Brings Queers, Gays, and Lesbians To an Evangelical Party

Nadia Brings Queers, Gays, and Lesbians To an Evangelical Party October 17, 2014

The above video was posted by Nadia on her Facebook page (If you can’t see it, click on “Post” above; WordPress doesn’t always load Facebook videos correctly). It’s her submission to The Nines, a online “conference” hosted by Leadership Network. In their request for submissions, LN wrote this:

There is no greater and faster shift in culture today than the swing towards the acceptance of same-sex marriage. Church leaders need to determine the right path moving forward; loving and ministering to the LGBT community, while at the same time holding-fast to a theological position (held by most)  that prohibits the practice of homosexuality.

So, as you can see, Nadia is cutting against the grain on this.

Kudos, friend.

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  • Michael Robison

    Love it!!! As a pastor I think this needs to be said, shared and realized. I came from an intensely structured SBC background. But after serving, loving and relating in the world I realize that far too often the Church and it’s leaders have no love, care or desire to relate to the LGBT crowd as a whole. So in 2008 I transition our church in the direction of loving and caring. We became known as the “gay church” even though maybe 20-30% of our congregation was LGBT. Then when I started a new church in Texas a few years ago, in 2011, we started with a primarily LGBT crowd. Our crew was awesome. and out of that grew a truly diverse mix. Now I spend my days helping other church leaders see, love and guide their churches to be open, loving and inclusive! This is great. Love Nadia and all that she does.

  • davidinD

    Well done Nadia!

  • WilmRoget

    It is impossible to be ‘loving and ministering to the LGBT community’ and hold fast to the evil belief ‘homosexuality is sin’. Even the simple act of characterizing our innate capacity for love and intimacy as ‘practice’ is degrading. The folks at the Leadership Network cannot attain what they seek.

    Excellent video, I hope it touches a few hearts.

  • Nathan Myers

    Surely it represents Leadership Network’s generosity to allow Nadia to express her position even as it digresses from their official position. Sounds like love to me.

    • Are they going to show Nadia’s video at The Nines? We shall see … The ball is in their court!

      • WilmRoget

        It appears to be going viral. Huffpost has it up, and I’m not the only one sharing it one facebook. It would be very embarrassing for the Nines not to show it at this point.

  • Well played, Nadia, well played!

  • Lynda Maraby

    Great message. “God shows no partialty.” (Rom. 2:11) We are all the church!