Theology for the People

Theology for the People November 5, 2014

As you may recall, I had a bit of a job transition this summer. After spending several years at sparkhouse, a division of Augsburg Fortress, and seeing the Animate series to completion, I got a month-long respite to finish my book. Then, after Labor Day, I joined Fortress Press as senior acquisitions editor.

Fortress Press has a long and distinguished history. Of late, like all publishers, the leadership of FP has had to make choices about how to move forward efficiently. The foci over the last several years has been theology, biblical studies, and reference works. These were good choices it seems, for Fortress has countered industry trends and grown significantly. For example, the number of titles released per year has doubled, to over 100, in just the past five years.

I’ve been tasked with launching something new. Fortress Press’s expertise has been in what you might call “top shelf” theology. That is, the monographs and reference books that FP has published are monographs and reference books that truck in the most sophisticated academic ideas. FP has mastered that type of publishing.

I’ve joined the team to launch a line of books that’s more mid-shelf. Theology without all the footnotes, without the jargon, without the aspirations for tenure. You might call it “popular” theology. We’re calling it, Fortress: Theology for the People.

We’ve got big announcement coming on the eve of AAR/SBL, at the Homebrewed Christianity Live 3D Podcast. If you can’t make it to that event, follow Theology for the People on Twitter, and we’ll simultaneously break the news there.

If you’ve got an idea for a book in this line, I’d love to hear from you. Remember, these books are theology in the first instance. That is, we’re not doing leadership books or memoirs or church growth. We’re doing theology, but we’re doing it for the people.

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  • Scott Paeth

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with this series.

    • Looking forward to seeing you *in* this series! 🙂

      • Scott Paeth

        I think I sent you something about a possible project before I left for Ireland. Moltmann and/or Theology of Hope.

  • So, SO excited about this series and the fact that you are heading it up.

  • davidinD

    That’s great Tony, you should be excellent in this role. (David Worley)

  • Deus plebis.

  • “Theology without all the footnotes, without the jargon, without the aspirations for tenure.”

    Leave the jargon and the tenure aspirations, keep the footnotes. 🙂

  • CurtisMSP

    Get Nadia to splain it. She gets it right and she’s easy to understand.

  • Johnny Number 5

    So something like Brazos Press?

  • Darryl Stephens

    Great idea! This sounds like a perfect venue for one of my current projects. Will you be at SCE in Chicago?

  • Mark Buchanan

    I am ready to share 10 stories (take or leave the footnotes) that illustrate Moltmann’s theology. Do they fit with Theology For People?