The Big Announcement

The Big Announcement November 22, 2014

Last night was pretty epic, at least by AAR/SBL standards. We had a standing-room-only crowd for the live recording of Homebrewed Christianity with John Cobb, Catherine Keller, and Jack Caputo. IMO, the quote of the night came from Cobb:

It was around that time that the hotel staff came in the room and confiscated all the beer. Fortunately, most of it had been consumed by then.

At the end of the evening, Tripp Fuller and I announced a new partnership between HBC and Fortress: Theology for the People. That is, The Homebrewed Guides to Christianity. That’s right, the galaxy’s top theological podcast is going to bring its irreverent, smart talk to the page. The first book, The Homebrewed Christianity Guide to Jesus by Tripp Fuller will be out by AAR/SBL next year. And other spicy volumes will follow.

Watch this space for more info, and stay tuned for the podcast we recorded last night. It will be available soon.

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