The 10 most popular Unbelievable? shows of 2020 (but my favourite is no. 2)

The 10 most popular Unbelievable? shows of 2020 (but my favourite is no. 2) December 28, 2020

It’s been a busy year for Unbelievable? with the vast majority of our shows recorded remotely rather than in person as we’ve all dealt with the new reality of living with the Covid pandemic (which has dominated all our conversations). However, the conversations on the shows remained as varied as ever. Which ones were most popular with you?

Aggregating both podcast downloads and Youtube views, here’s the countdown of our 10 most popular shows in 2020. Just click on each title for the podcast or watch via the YouTube video. Look out for more weekly shows in 2021, including the launch of The Big Conversation… season 3!

10 – Critical Race Theory debated by Neil Shenvi & Rasool Berry

‘Critical Race Theory’ is a way of understanding racism through the dynamics of oppressed and oppressor groups. Neil Shenvi believes its worldview is at odds with the Gospel and is concerned at its embrace in evangelical circles.  Rasool Berry, teaching pastor at The Bridge Church NYC believes many Christians are overreacting to CRT. While not adopting it wholesale, he believes CRT can help Christians in the pursuit of reconciliation and justice.

9 – Atonement and the cross – Greg Boyd & William Lane Craig

Did God punish Jesus in our place on the cross? William Lane Craig’s new book ‘Atonement and the Death of Christ’ is a major new defence of Penal Substitutionary Atonement. He discusses the doctrine of atonement with Greg Boyd who has been a critic of PSA and an advocate of the Christus Victor view of the cross.

8 – John Lennox on Artificial Intelligence and atheism

Prof John Lennox answers viewer questions in a livestream Q&A hosted by myself and my wife Lucy. He talks about his new book ‘2084: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity’ and addresses issues around science, technology, faith, atheism and the Bible.

7 – Side A and B gay Christians – Brandan Robertson & David Bennett

Two gay Christians on either side of the ‘Side A and Side B’ view, joined me to talk about their stories and why they take different views on sexuality and the gospel.

Brandan Roberston is a progressive pastor of an LGBT affirming church who believes there is no barrier to Christians being in loving same-sex relationships. David Bennett was an anti-Christian gay activist who experienced a dramatic conversion and now believes that his commitment to Christ requires a path of celibacy

6 – Douglas Murray on being a ‘Christian atheist’ – Douglas Murray & Esther O’ Reilly

Douglas Murray, author of ‘The Madness Of Crowds: Gender, race and identity’ dialogues with Christian blogger Esther O’Reilly.

They discuss Identity Politics, the search for identity in a post-Christian society, and Murray’s own self-identification as a ‘Christian atheist’ and what it would take to bring him back to faith.

5 – Debating the argument from reason – Cosmic Skeptic & Max Baker-Hytch

Can we make sense of our rational capabilities on an atheist naturalist worldview? Alex O’Connor of the Cosmic Skeptic YouTube channel debates Christian philosopher Max Baker-Hytch on the argument for God from reason, which was popularised by CS Lewis in his book Miracles.

4 – How did life begin? Jim Tour & Lee Cronin

Prof of Nanotechnology James (Jim) Tour & Glasgow biology Prof Lee Cronin debate contemporary Origins of Life research and whether Lee’s laboratory is on the way to discovering it.

3 – The great big Trump debate – Eric Metaxas & David French

Christian commentator David French debates Christian radio host and author Eric Metaxas on whether Christians should vote for Donald Trump in the US Elections in November.

With thanks to John Brown University’s Center for Faith and Flourishing who hosted the debate.

2 – Another worship leader loses his faith? Jon Steingard & Sean McDowell

Jon Steingard of the band Hawk Nelson is the latest in a number of Christian personalities who say they’ve renounced their faith. Jon joined me along with Christian thinker Sean McDowell who has written a response blog to Jon’s Instagram announcement.

(I think this was my personal favourite show of 2020.  It was a friendly, open and gracious exchange. Jon and I have become friends and Jon and Sean have also become friends and go running together.)

1 – Can atheism deliver a better world? Matt Dillahunty & Glen Scrivener

In the 6th and final episode of The Big Conversation series Season 2, I was joined by Matt Dillahunty of The Atheist Experience and Glen Scrivener of Speak Life.

They discuss the atheist movement and whether secular humanism can provide a solid grounding for morality. Do studies show that religiosity benefits society? Is there an intrinsic value to humans? What did the Nazis actually do wrong? These questions and more get addressed.

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