A Conversation with Keith Giles

A Conversation with Keith Giles May 11, 2021

Keith Giles

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Author and Patheos Columnist Keith Giles to discuss many things including his newest book in the “Jesus UN” series “Unforsaken“, which explores the various atonement theories and why none of them are correct. We also had the opportunity to discuss a new book that Keith edited called “Before You Lose Your Mind: Deconstructing Bad Theology in the Church“, which is packed full of great articles by leading progressive Christians on the issue of Deconstruction.

Keith also has a great project called Back to Square One where he helps individuals work through their own deconstruction process. You no longer have to be afraid of the deconstruction process as Keith personally mentors you and few others through numerous sessions. Readers of this blog and subscribers can receive a special discount when you sign up for Keith’s August session.

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