Fun With Philosophy

Fun with Philosophy is a series that departs from my normal rants. The series has fun with ideas in an attempt to explore and deconstruct fun philosophical concepts that many of us enjoy talking about with our friends. Fun with Philosophy tries not to take itself too seriously but seriously enough that you may just encounter something thought-provoking.

Disclaimer: Eric English is not responsible for combustion, eruption, or explosion of brain matter. Please read at your own risk.

Fun with Philosophy: Experimenting with Certainty & God’s Existence

  As a philosopher, specifically metaphysics, I have been trained to view reality in terms of possibilities instead of certainty. I recognize this bias going into any thinking project. However, I also think this is a good way to view the world. This of course means that I am often cautious of any claims of […]

fun with philosophy

Fun With Philosophy: An Existential Exploration Into Dreams, Death, And Consciousness

  Is the reality we exist in right now a dream? This is the question that distinguished professor J.J. Valberg wrestles with in his book: Dream, Death, and the Self. Although I disagree with several aspects of this book, I found this book an intellectual treat. A rare beautifully written book of philosophy. The fact […]

Fun with Philosophy: Aliens

Fun with philosophy are my philosophical musings about various topics that interest me. No doubt publishing an article on aliens just begs for the crazies to come out of the woodwork. However, the purpose of this article is to think about the religious ramifications of the existence of an extraterrestrial race. I don’t know if […]

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Fun with Philosophy: Time & Being

Fun with philosophy is a series that explores fun topics that I find interesting. I caution you, this could break your brain – it nearly did mine. Time is a complicated issue that has a lot of ramifications depending on your view. Time just doesn’t affect aspects of the universe like space, but also affects […]

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Fun With Philosophy: The Soul

  I feel like I have a soul. I don’t mean I believe I have a soul. I mean I can feel it. I feel the duality of an inner and outer world. Within my inner world, my voice is constantly speaking. During the day it appears as thoughts and speech and at night it […]