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Finding Home | Megan Lloyd Joiner

Finding Home

Finding Home January 6, 2015

This week I clicked the visitor tab of a congregation I do not know and found myself reading the story of a family’s first trip to this particular community. I read as they couldn’t find the church, doubted their GPS, and finally pulled into the parking lot; as they nervously entered, were welcomed and delighted in the sanctuary; as they sang soon-to-be-beloved hymns for the first time and listed to a sermon that spoke to their souls and as they realized they were home.

A simple thing, the visitor tab, but there I was, unexpected tears running down my face, filled with the joy of homecoming and the rich promise of liberal religious community. I felt renewed in my call, in our call, to open the doors to seekers who hope to find, to all who wander, to those who have wondered where they might find respite.

And so we pray:

May there be for each of us a homecoming. 
May we find, in the majesty of the world around us, 
or in the quiet stillness of our own inner world, 
the love we need to live. 
May we create homes wherever we are,
and may all who enter find peace.

In finding home, may we know the love that connects us
to the deepest part of our selves, 
to each other 
and to that immortal love, that never fades–
that love that anchors each of us. 
Whatever we may call it,
may we know that holy love that
moves us and calls us into the 
fullness of our being.

May we find our way home.


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