When I breathe in…

When I breathe in… September 22, 2015

word cloud NSUU 8 30 2015A few weeks ago, I shared a sermon called Still We Rise with a congregation in the Greater New Orleans Unitarian Universalist cluster.  Sometime later, I fed this sermon into a program that created the beautiful word cloud above.  To me, it feels like a visual prayer.

This past week has been a storm of living for me, filled with the full spectrum of life and death, family, friends, administration, travel, and ministry.  I am taking this morning to breath a prayer of gratitude for the years, for the feelings, for the connections, for beauty, strength, and courage, for everyone who comes together in the struggle for beloved community.

Dear ones, may you, too, find a moment to give thanks for the peace in the midst of the storm, for the love that holds us all and never lets us go.

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