Holy Work in this Holy Week

Holy Work in this Holy Week March 22, 2016

no new leases 2016

As the Christian world grieves and celebrates the Passion of Christ during this Holy Week, climate justice activist are gathering in New Orleans to resist the issuing of new leases to destroy life in the Gulf of Mexico and livelihoods in the Gulf South.

For a deeper understanding of what is going on, The New American Journal article ”Water Rises Against Drilling Leases” offers a useful context.  Please see the following facebook page for more information about this climate justice action: https://www.facebook.com/events/843349345773460

The Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal is honored to be a part of what comes next, co-sponsoring the Next Generation Climate Justice Assembly happening on Thursday after Wednesday’s No New Leases climate justice action.

What: Next Generation Climate Justice Assembly
Date: March 24, 2016 (Thursday)
Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm Central Time Zone
Where: First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans, 5212 S Claiborne Ave, New Orleans 
Who: Youth ages 14-40 strongly encouraged to join! Everyone welcome!
Refreshment: Lunch is provided 
REGISTER to attend:http://goo.gl/forms/2YGVj58Acd
Friends, the time is now.  Be a part of the number who will #Commit2Respond with love and faithful creativity to the call for #ClimateJustice in the #GulfSouth and around the world.
NEXT Generation Climate Justice Assembly 2016

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