September 18, 2020

Many have seen the recent news story about the sacred space with a major public problem, this time around the difficulties occured at the Osun-Osogbo World Heritage site. Read more

September 3, 2020

Unless you’ve been hiding from the pandemic under a rock and away from social media you have probably already heard about Jessica Krug. Read more

August 31, 2020

Unlike some other magickal spices cinnamon is easy to obtain, and you may even have some in your cupboard now. Read more

August 20, 2020

Rebeca Spirit is a psychic medium, tarot reader, spiritual coach and practicing witch. Listen as we interview her about divination and tarot. Read more

August 3, 2020

There are only a handful of practitioners who I wholeheartedly recommend their supplies and magick, and Sen Elias is definitely one of them. The guide opens with a short history of Hoodoo, aka Conjure or Root Work. Read more

July 26, 2020

Wisteria has always been one of my favorite flowers. It presents like a glorious waterfall of delightful purple blooms cascading from it’s weeping branches. Read more

July 6, 2020

There’s no doubt about it, we live in interesting times. Never before have Black Tarot readers, psychics, and astrologers been so seen, and so necessary. Read more

June 29, 2020

Listen to Black people ! It sounds simple but if I look around at allies and others as they conduct themselves during this Black Lives Matter revolution, I find it bears repeating. Read more

June 9, 2020

Oshún is an orisha that manifests in many different traditions. Even within Santeria she has many paths, or different incarnations, where she shows herself beautifully. Read more

June 4, 2020

As usual silence and inaction in the face of racism at this time equal death. If you call yourself an ally take a hard look at your own comfort zone, and how you might lessen that a little to help others who haven’t been afforded such privilege. One of the most powerful things I heard at the rallies this week was “listen to black people when they tell you what it is they may need.” Read more

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