People eat three times a day or more, however the idea of sacred food is often lost. This time around on our youtube series Witchcraft & Voodoo my co-host Sable Aradia and I discuss food in our respective traditions. Please watch as we discuss everything…. Read more

Water is life, and Rose Water is no exception. A long time ingredient in Hoodoo and other types of magick, Rose Water is a sweet and refreshing element in many different types of spells and rituals. Read more

If you buy only one magick book in your lifetime, other than one of my books, it should be Psychomagic by Alejandro Jodorowsky. It operates on multiple levels to give insight on the true primal foundations of magick. Read more

If you have never tried Hoodoo Money Rice you don’t know what you are missing. Hoodoo has always been full of interesting and creative spells, and lucky green money rice is one of the most popular. Practitioners use this rice for good luck, success, money drawing,and prosperity. Read more

There is no doubt corn is magickal. It’s origins go back to at least 7,000 BCE when it was first domesticated. Corn comes in many different colors and forms, and is said to be spiritually ruled by the moon. Read more

When it comes to Hoodoo herbs Jezebel Root is one of the most notorious. Also called Louisiana iris root, it can be used for success in gambling, business, and love magick. Read more

It is almost as if the soul of Marie Laveau can still be felt on this day. Feasts, rituals, and ceremonies honor her and the drummer and spiritual Dr. John Montanee on St. John’s Eve. Read more

This week on Witchcraft & Voodoo we look at some of the instances, offenders, and questionable practices. Listen as we talk about everything from  Voodoo dolls sold at the airport, to colonizers and recorded history, to smudge sticks and sage. Read more

Everyone needs an easy yes or no method for tarot reading. Sometimes you need a quick and simple answer, and you don’t have the time or other things needed for a full reading. It is possible to do a yes or no reading with other divination methods,…. Read more

The Victorian language of flowers used this to represent an appreciation of delicate beauty. Hibiscus is a common ingredient used in both kitchen magic and spellwork. Read more

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