Bessie Smith, BB King and the Hoodoo Blues

The Hoodoo tradition is older than Bessie Smith and BB King put together. The resourceful and powerful system of practices “jes grew” out of hardship and the oppression of slavery and colonial injustice. Part of the creative beauty of Hoodoo is that it uses whatever it can. [Read more...]

How to Use Cascarilla

Medically the plant was used as a tonic, an expectorant, to stop excessive farting, and also for “nocturnal pollutions.” For convenience sake the stuff used in ritual now is made from powdered eggshells. These Cascarilla cakes are used before, during, and sometimes even after any ritual working, and could definitely be considered a necessary part of the tradition. [Read more...]

Review: Essential Guide to Possession, Depossession & Divine Relationships by Diana L. Paxson

Possession is a true mystery, it is the union with the divine on the highest level. For many it is shrouded in myth and Hollywood fantasy, but the new book The Essential Guide to Possession, Depossession and Divine Relationships by Diana L. Paxson helps us to better understand and explore this wondrous phenomenon. Ms. Paxson [Read More...]

Beltane Blessings Blossom Salad Recipe

Blooms are all around us now, and many don’t realize that the violets and dandelions in their garden are also edible. Magickally they are said to bring love and romantic blessings. Please share this recipe with those that you love. [Read more...]

Make A Magickal Protection Window Box

Join us as we make a magickal protection window box using sage, basil, chives and more. [Read more...]

For Flint… A Wise Man Said

The Dragon Ritual Drummers have been like family to me for almost two decades now. I was sad to learn this morning of the passing of Flint, a brother, a drummer, and an inspiration. [Read more...]

The Rite to Yemaya- Some Thoughts on Appropriation

I guess some people are wondering what is the problem. The problems center around the fact that these are ancient Orisha (goddesses,) embodying the primal forces of the Universe. Their very names are an invocation and an invitation, and people clearly don’t know what they are getting into. [Read more...]