Liquor is Quicker- Spirits for the Spirit

Crystal head vodka bottle photo by Chris Parmeter. Licensed under CC 2.0

Alcohol is a normal offering for the spirits in the traditions of New Orleans Voodoo, Haitian Vodou, and Cuban La Regla Lucumi, also known as Santeria. Most people are familiar with the custom of offering rum as a blessing. Some altar setups definitely give the impression that the bar is always open. People of all religious traditions have been known to leave out a glass of wine, or pour out a sip of beer or whiskey for those who are no longer with us. The use of alcohol as an offering, however … [Read more...]

Voodoo: 5 Reasons this Extraordinary Religion Makes People Scared

Voodoo Blues photo by Ben Didier. Licensed under CC 2.0

Voodoo can be scary, but not for the reasons that come to most people's minds. New Orleans Voodoo and Haitian Vodou are the Frankenstein monsters of religions. People love to point fingers, sticks, and flaming torches at that which they have created, yet tragically don't understand. Voodoo seems to be at the top of this insane vigilante list. Not a week goes by where the news media isn't attempting to demonize this ancient religion, and as always I am left scratching my head. Every random cow … [Read more...]

Voodoo Universe Explores Babalu Aye and Ricky Ricardo

Voodoo Universe Explores Babalu Aye and Ricky Ricardo

 Babalu Aye is an Orisha, or demi-god, in the religion of Santeria, more properly known as La Regla Lucumi. Most people, however, only recognize the words Babalu Aye as those of the popular television character Ricky Ricardo. Ricardo was played by Desi Arnaz on I Love Lucy, one of the most famous tv shows of all time.Voodoo Universe recently took a trip to the The Lucy Desi Museum is located in Jamestown, NY. This marvelous collection serves as a destination for fans of the … [Read more...]

St. Dymphna: Lily of Fire

St. Dymphna photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

This delicate flower certainly did take a lot of heat. St. Dymphna is the patron saint of the mentally ill. Her legacy stands strong today for those who champion the weak and oppressed. Some refer to her as the “lily of fire.” This delicate flower certainly did take a lot of heat. St. Dymphna's story, like that of most saints and holy people, is a gruesome one. History tells us that Dymphna was beheaded by her father at the young age of 15. He did this because she refused to become his wife. It … [Read more...]

Blog Anniversary- Voodoo Universe’s Top Ten Posts You Probably Missed

The Voodoo Universe photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

The Voodoo Universe blog has made it a whole year. It's been a year of weirdness and wondrousness. We've manged to feature some amazing stuff about New Orleans Voodoo and Marie Laveau, as well as La Regla Lucumi (Santeria,) Candomble, Ifa, and Haitian Vodou. There were some wildly successful posts, usually having to do with American Horror Story Coven or Orange is the New Black, and some that didn't get the notice they deserve. So I'm going to take this opportunity to sift through 169 pearls of … [Read more...]

Oshun’s Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

Oshun Butternut Squash Soup Recipe photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

Oshun is the Santeria (Lucumi) religion's Orisha of love, beauty, fertility, abundance, bounty, money, gold and marriage. Some refer to her as the “mother of the witches,” and her brews are some serious magick. Foremost she is an Orisha or Goddess of Water, the sacred embodiment of the river. Very often she is represented by statues of Caridad del Cobre, Our Lady of Copper, whose feast day is celebrated on September 8th.Oshun is turned to for help with love spells and magick spells for pro … [Read more...]

Oh My Yemaya- Goddess of the Ocean

Yemaya photo by Neftali courtesy of Shutterstock.

“ they kissed the ground and said Oh My Yemaya, thank you." Legend has it that when slaves were taken from their homelands in Africa and forcibly placed on ships, they believed that the ocean would swallow them up, and they prayed to Yemaya to save their lives. When they finally reached land they kissed the ground and said Oh My Yemaya, thank you.Yemaya is an Orisha, a mother goddess, a goddess of the sea. For many she is also a goddess of the moon. She is worshiped in the r … [Read more...]