The Magick and Mystery of Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is the whole package. [Read more…]

Love Crystals : Unakite Keeps It Together

Unakite is one of the best crystals to use to bring about love and togetherness. It has the ability to unite body, mind, and soul. [Read more…]

Pagan Community: Woke or Not Woke?

My favorite meme from the recent women’s march was a photo of a baby with a carefully scribbled protest sign. The caption was this ” I feel like woke baby has all the answers but my third eye is too clouded to understand the message. ” [Read more…]

Herbal Magick: Primrose , the Tiny Keys to the Kingdom

Primrose is said to open spiritual doorways, and is in fact called St. Peter’s keys or the keys of Mary. [Read more…]

Spiritual Lessons from Science Fiction : The Doctor

In the Science Fiction universe there are many archetypes : Captain, Siren, and the Doctor. Doctors in this context very frequently represent science and technology. [Read more…]

Magickal Ireland : As Above , So Below at IMMA

Dublin’s As Above, So Below exhibit at the Irish Museum of Modern Art is a must see for anyone interested in the intersections between art and spirituality. [Read more…]

Magickal Ireland : A Fairy Tree

Magickal Ireland is full of things people have heard of all their lives, if you’re lucky you may see a fairy or a leprechauns. [Read more…]

After-Life Alert : 5 Ways to Communicate with the Dead

Like any good Sci-Fi fan, I am a big lover of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Their recent return with the bit about After-Life Alert has got me thinking. [Read more…]

Magickal Ireland : The Hag’s Bed Tomb

You never know where I’ll turn up, this week it’s in magickal Ireland. Home of fairies and legends, kings and craic, Ireland does not disappoint. [Read more…]

Herbal Magick: Gardenia

Gardenia is a tiny magickal flower that packs a huge punch. These small white blossoms are said to symbolize love, devotion, purity, and spiritual connection. In the Victorian language of flowers they were representative of a secret love. If you were surprised by one of these on your door you knew a secret admirer had [Read More…]