The Lost Interviews Of Miss Cleo

The Lost Interviews Of Miss Cleo December 11, 2022

When I started this blog back in 2013 it was my mission to present accurate and respectful information about all areas of African Traditional Religion, including everything, including Miss Cleo. Wait What? I know some of you readers weren’t expecting that. Like myself maybe you grew up watching the commercials with Miss Cleo and hearing the disrespect and the negativity that surrounded her public image. Maybe you’re younger and the only Miss Cleo you know comes from the recent HBO/MAX documentary, that from the trailer seems to talk more about the public image and less about the woman herself. But as a Queer Black person myself I knew that most often the public stories we hear about people who are both BIPOC and LGBTQ are often false and misleading, and I decided to find out the truth myself.

The following video was shot shortly before her death in July 2016 (I know others are claiming that they conducted the last interview with her, I don’t know about that,) but I do know that this is one of the only interviews conducted with the seer formerly known as Miss Cleo by someone within the African Traditional Religious community, by someone who is also Black and Queer and just wanted to get the truth out. During this interview we spoke about Lucumi, Voodoo, psychics, her heritage and initiations, and also what was to be her last book The Queen’s Bridge, where she sought to provide women going through menopause with a space to heal and grow.

This interview was lost for years, but I recently discovered it in my files and thought it was high time for it to see the light of day. The quality is not what it could be so I apologize in advance . There is also a second part, if people are interested I will be happy to post that too. However, it was an honor to call her a friend. I so genuinely miss our talks, and I honor her on my ancestor shrine and hopefully with the work I do everyday. May she rise in power, and may all who are reading this understand who she really was, and help to uplift her spirit while putting an end to the ignorance that still surrounds her life. Blessings to her family and friends !

Watch the Interview Here

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