Review: Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck by Kim Krans

Review: Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck by Kim Krans March 1, 2023

Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck. All rights reserved.

I had high expectations opening the Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck given Kim Krans’s previous works. The evocative art and insightful guidebook both met my expectations. I was delighted to experience another iteration of Kim Krans’ art.

The deck is comprised of 71 hexagonal cards. Unlike a standard tarot deck it is not divided into major and minor arcana but split into 6 distinct categories: Cosmic forces, colors, seasons, materials, mysteries and operations. This deck is a great tool for learning about alchemy and any student with an interest in the art would benefit from picking up this deck. There is much to admire here about Krans’ use of color, each card is able to convey an initial emotion, while still containing imagery to enhance and deepen your reading. There are few figures in the deck. Some cards depict a photographed hand in stark contrast to the washes of color. Most of the cards are abstract fields of color blending into each other with alchemical symbols. You will frequently see a hand, a snake, or a bee, but don’t expect full scenes.

The guidebook begins with a heartfelt account of Krans’ personal connection to alchemy and helps to ground the esoteric practice. She spends time connecting the ideas of alchemy to everyday life. What follows is a thorough introduction to this highly coded art. She makes alchemy approachable and also offers a list of texts for anyone who might want to delve into it further. The explanations for each card all include a prompt for “going deeper” and “something to ponder.” The spreads she details make use of the cards hexagonal shape and asks you to draw your own connections based on which cards touch. (The size and shape of the cards however make it a bit difficult to shuffle. But this is a minor gripe.) It also gives some light instructions on meditating with the cards that would be useful for any beginning reader.

Overall, I enjoyed my time with the Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck and think it would be a great addition to anyone’s deck collection. Anyone with a passing interest in alchemy could deepen their understanding. Kim Krans has given us another beautifully made deck and I look forward to seeing what she will do next. A lot of love went into making this and it shows.

The above review was written by Christian B, psychic reader, writer and member of The House of Maman Brigitte for over a decade. 

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