Part 2: More Truth About Voodoo Spells

Part 2: More Truth About Voodoo Spells February 7, 2014
Trash Voodoo Art on Ouidah Beach photo by Willem Heerbaart. Photo cropped and text added. Licensed by CC 2.0

This is the continuation of my previous post about Voodoo Spells. Desperate people can be willing to sell their souls and empty their wallets for the mystical, magical Voodoo spell. It doesn’t have to be like that though. There are some basic Voodoo truths you need to know first, and I’m going to lay it all out for you.

6. Promises, Promises

Please keep your promises and ritual obligations. This goes without saying, but Voodoo and Vodou spirits are notorious for holding you accountable. On many occasions I have seen people forget to literally ” pay their dues” and the consequences are never pretty. If you are blessed enough to succeed in your magickal efforts, please be sure to give credit, and keep your Voodoo promises.

7. Chances are you need a psychic reading first, before you start ordering up voodoo spells.

This is like a spiritual diagnostic. Everyone, and I mean everyone should have divination readings done on a regular basis. One of my favorite “Spells Gone Bad” stories is about a woman who called me over two decades ago, when I was running Brawnen’s Pantry, my mail order and later online spiritual supply shop. It doesn’t exist anymore, but that’s another story. This woman had called me insanely obsessed with the desire to win the lottery. She had an overdue utility bill and had convinced herself that the only way it was going to be paid was if she “ hit the numbers.” I tried to persuade her to get a reading first, but she just wanted the spell. In the end she did win the lottery, in the amount of about $500, more than enough to cover the bill. The next day however, her husband had a heart attack and died. Now, I have never believed that the two events were related.

Voodoo doesn’t work like that.


Crowne-Gold-Silver-Bullion by Mark Herpel is licensed under CC by 2.0

I do however believe she had much bigger issues she should have been worrying about than lottery winning or an overdue gas bill. I’m also not saying his death could necessarily have been prevented. She could have at least maybe enjoyed the last few days she had with him, instead of worrying about something that seems unimportant now. A reading will always help you find out where to concentrate your attention.

8. Respect your practitioner and hopefully they will respect you back.

Don’t argue with them please. If you don’t agree with their rules and needs, find someone else. I have already stressed the importance of finding godparents in Voodoo or Haitian Vodou, but sometimes this is not possible. There are however, a lot of practitioners out there. Get recommendations and find one that’s a good fit.

9. Everything works better if you share the wealth.

Voodoo Sign photo by Dan Merino. Licensed under CC 2.0

I know psychic readers that have their medical bills paid by their more successful clients. One of my own godmothers even received an entire house as part of a bequest from a client. Unfortunately, I also know many individuals who received large sums of money, jobs, or healings from Voodoo or other spiritual practitioners who then turned on them, refused to pay it forward, or help the community. Please people, this is not ok.

It’s understandable that people might want or need Voodoo spells from time to time, but remember to use your head and consider these simple truths. Do you have wild spellcrafting stories? I’d love a good laugh, please share them below.

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