Hoodoo House Blessing 101

Hoodoo House Blessing 101 November 14, 2017
Hoodoo House Blessing photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.
Hoodoo House Blessing photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

There are a lot of reasons for Hoodoo House Blessing. Maybe you just bought, or came into possession of a house, or maybe you just feel like things need to be spiritually cleansed. Whatever the reason there are a few things to consider before you start. There are as many methods for cleansing and protecting a house as there are houses.

Hoodoo is at it’s core a type of folk magick. It uses everything, and just about anything available to  get its jobs done. Any decent house blessing will incorporate all the elements : Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. You would always be wise in performing a divination before any spiritual work. Asking for direction and guidance can always be helpful. Consider using a yes/no method of divination to narrow down which ingredients would be best for this specific situation. Not everything works for everyone, but by doing divination you will be able to find the combination that is truly right, or rite, for you.


In magick the element of earth is most often represented by crystals, stones, and actual dirt. As part of your house blessing you can place these items in the corners of your rooms, and also at the entrances and exits. One extra special ingredient to consider is Red Brick Dust. In the post Black Salt, White Salt, and Red Brick Dust all over I write “Hoodoo practitioners put Red Brick Dust almost everywhere- the thresholds, the windowsills, the property line… anywhere that needs to be protected. The most effective dust comes from old houses or buildings.”


The element of air can be used in many different ways for your house blessings. Some Hoodoo practitioners use ammonia for cleansing. This is a good tactic to use as a house that is spiritually clean must also be physically clean first. You can also use incense, either sticks or cones can be placed throughout the home. Pay special attention to doors and windows.


When performing any kind of house blessing it is advised to use both a black and a white candle in your working. These will respectively repel negativity and attract good things to your house. Consider adding a few drops of Myrrh or Sandalwood essential oil to the candles for extra potency.


Holy Water photo courtesy of Shutterstock. All rights reserved.
Holy Water photo courtesy of Shutterstock. All rights reserved.

Water can wash away a multitude of ills. One Hoodoo House Blessing practice is to add Holy Water to your wash water for floors and windows. Holy Water is used as an amplifier and blessing in many Hoodoo spells. It can be purchased online, or you can simply go to your local Catholic church water font and make a donation.


Spirit can be added to your Hoodoo House Blessing in many different ways. Maybe you have a special deity that you have a relationship with. Consider adding some of the herbs, incense, or oils specific to that energy to your blessing work. One Hoodoo trick if you are trying to sell a house is to place an upside down picture of St. Joseph somewhere in the property. Some go so far as to bury an upside down statue on the property. This is said to clear the way for a successful sale.

However you get the job done I hope you perform many successful house blessings. I’d love to know what your favorite ingredients are, please comment in the section below. And as always if you have enjoyed what you find here please remember to share, share, share !


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