Schism in Amnesty International?

Schism in Amnesty International? June 21, 2007

After it was reported that Amnesty International would support so-called “abortion-rights” throughout the world, I knew things were messed up. Will they support prison terms for those who are opposed to so-called “abortion rights”? Are they moving beyond the original vision of AI? Would they create a new set of political prisoners based upon their own new-founded ideology?

Thankfully, others are asking this very question. In Ireland, AI officials do not want to support a pro-abortion stand. They do not want to support a pro-life stand. They want to remain “neutral.”

What does this neutrality mean? I do not know. Is it potentially a worse position, because it is fence-sitting? Possibly. Is it possibly a better position, because it is questioning the reasoning of this change in AI? Possibly.

But the real question remains: what does prison reform and support for those unjustly imprisoned have to do with abortion?

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