Pro-Lifers Win Victory In Illinois

Pro-Lifers Win Victory In Illinois September 21, 2007

Aurora, IL pro-lifers managed to prevent a large Planned Parenthood from opening its doors in their community. Bishop Doran led fellow Christians in prayerful protests outside the planned clinic. Good for the Bishop for encouraging his people to pray! And they succeeded via a lawsuit. Read the complete story here.

A federal judge Thursday turned down Planned Parenthood’s request for an emergency court order that would allow it to open a new health clinic in Aurora that would provide abortions among other health-care services for women.

“We don’t know when we will be able to open,” Steve Trombley, president of Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area, said after the hearing before U.S. District Judge Charles Norgle in Chicago.

Abortion opponents battling the clinic celebrated the judge’s decision. Eric Scheidler, spokesman for the Pro-Life Action League, called the judge’s decision “a victory for life and a victory for choice.”

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  • Actually, this is more providential than direct action of the pro-life community, as it appears. It looks like the City of Aurora was concerned that Planned Parenthood had committed fraud on its application for a building permit, and so denied them the ability to open the clinic until the application mess was sorted out. P.P. then sued for an injunction to allow them to open the clinic, which the federal judge denied due to the deficiency of the motion. It also appears that the judge told them where the case was deficient and is open to hearing a new motion.

    A temporary victory, perhaps, but it sends a message that when P.P. is applying for permits, they’d better be open about what name they’re using and whether its fraud to misstate or conceal information on the application.

  • jh

    If people want to keep up with what is going on there. THis Catholic Blogger is really on top of it. Great vids too on his site

  • radicalcatholicmom

    Right Jonathan, but who notified the city about the discrepancy? Who has been placing massive pressure on the council?

  • b.a.m. in r.i.


    While I generally love all things Notre Dame (I’m a graduate) I’m a bit puzzled by Tom O’Toole’s mention in his bio that he has written for Culture Wars which is an on-line publication of the Jew-hater E. Michael Jones. Am wondering why he’d have any connection with a dippy screwball like Jones, who was, in fact, fired many years ago from the faculty at St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame.

    Just curious.